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  • Strada Gheorghe Şincai nr. 46, la parterul Palatului Administrativ, camera 20, Baia Mare.
  • tel. +40 262.206.113 | fax +40 262.206.114
  • office@visitmaramures.ro

Your contribution

As tourists, you can have an important contribution to the mission of preserving the natural and cultural heritage of Mara-Cosău-Creasta Cocoșului.

Harta-suvenir Drumul Moștenirii Maramureșene


Choose the guesthouses and tour-operators that display the destination logo or the ones you can find on this website. The logo distinguishes the operators who provide financial support to the efforts to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of this area. By choosing their services, you are reassuring them that it’s important to keep investing in the protection of the local heritage.

Buy the Maramureș Heritage Trail souvenir-map from the guesthouses presented on this website. It is a useful tool for a first orientation in the area, but also a good source of information regarding the protected areas you can visit. The funds go straight into the Conservation and Sustainable Development Fund and are used for the same conservation purposes.

Contact a local guide: we invite you to contact any of the authorised guides listed in the Local guides section. You can also find the list at the front desks or in the dining-rooms of the guesthouses presented on this website.

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