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Local cuisine

delicii locale

The local cuisine developed in time in order to meet people’s needs and their working schedule. Most of the people in the area used to work, and still do, in agriculture, raising livestock and forestry. That’s why the food is consistent and nurturing, based mostly on meat and dairy products, potatoes and beans, polenta and fruits (forest fruits, apples, pears).

Usually the host from the guesthouse will ask you in advance what it is that you would like to eat; this is typical of the small family businesses which prevail in this area and where you feel very warmly-welcomed, if not spoiled. If they do not ask you, then expect to have for breakfast an omelette from fresh eggs, milk from the cows you will see them or their neighbours raising, local cheese, honey and homemade jam. At lunch, if you are not wandering around the hills or villages, you are in for a treat: a meat or green beans soup, mushroom stew or stuffed cabbage rolls; for dinner you can expect polenta with local cheese and greaves, cheese or potato pies and local doughnuts.

The local cuisine doesn’t really traditionally cater to vegetarian needs; if you were to live here, the odds of staying a vegetarian would get slimmer every day. For locals this is a bizarre notion; but, due to their religious beliefs, they always fast before important religious celebrations. If you ask for a meal without meat outside these fasting times, you’ll most likely see the surprise on their faces and the giggling that hides a slight worry that they will not be able to prepare something as tasteful as the meat dishes. The Maramureș people will anyway accept this real challenge in serenity and from their characteristic hospitality and infinite generosity and will do their best to serve you the most delicious food.

A word of warning: If you empty your plate or glass, they will think you would like to have more and, without asking, you’ll get a refill before having the chance to say “no, thank you, I’m full”.

One more thing: all meals are served with the local drink (horincă or blueberry liquor) and refusing them is a great disappointment and sometimes an offense to the Maramureș people.

by flavius frantz | eeessential.tools