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  • Strada Gheorghe Şincai nr. 46, la parterul Palatului Administrativ, camera 20, Baia Mare.
  • tel. +40 262.206.113 | fax +40 262.206.114
  • office@visitmaramures.ro

Holiday offers

If you wish to purchase a standard or custom holiday package, we invite you to contact in full confidence one of the tour operators below. They were carefully selected, based on their guiding principles in business, which made them open to our proposition to financially support the efforts to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of Mara-Cosău-Creasta Cocoşului.

Greenway Tour (Ocna Șugatag): day trips and several days packages in Mara-Cosău-Creasta Cocoşului www.maramuresgreenways.ro/en/, office@maramuresgreenways.ro.

Mara International (Baia Mare): www.mara-tour.ro, info@mara-tour.ro

DiscoveRomania (Brașov): www.discoveromania.ro, office@discoveromania.ro

Apuseni Experience (Oradea): www.apuseniexperience.ro, contact@apuseniexperience.ro

Explore Travel (Bucharest):

Travel packages:

- itinerary planned in collaboration with WWF: Explore Maramureș http://ecotourism-romania.com/destinations/explore-maramures/

- other Explore Travel offers in Maramureş: http://ecotourism-romania.com/destination/maramures/


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