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Events calendar

This is the calendar of religious celebrations, customs and other events from the whole of Maramureș for 2015.


1 JanuaryNew Year’s, St. Vasile

6 JanuaryCustoms on the day of the Epiphany: All Christians have their homes blessed by the priest, who goes from house to house and sprinkles the rooms with holy water. In the countryside, his arrival is announced by groups of children.

6-14 JanuaryChristmas and New Year’s Eve after the Julian calendar


(to be announced)


25 MarchCustoms on the day of the Annunciation



13 AprilPalm Sunday customs: Christians bring green willow branches in the church yards to have them blessed by priests; the branches will be then taken home and kept on the girder all year long, where everyone can see them and to keep the evil away.

12 AprilEaster: After purifying their bodies and spirits through fasting, the Maramureș people celebrate Easter according to tradition: they paint eggs, they participate to church services and they have their traditional „pască” blessed. Easter is probably the best occasion to see the locals dressed in their costumes, coming from church or sitting on the benches in front of their houses.

13 AprilThe old agrarian tradition of Udătoriu, Şurdeşti: This old ritual celebrates the most diligent villager – the udătoriu. Before choosing him, he is observed over a period of time by a ”jury” of the village’s wise elderly. On the second day of Easter all the villagers come to the Șurdești UNESCO church dressed in their costume and after service the priest blesses the ritual and the participants. After this ceremony, all the congregation goes to the udătoriu‘s house and he has to prove his diligence, to be married with kids.

23 AprilSânjorz, customs on the day of St. George: In some villages, locals decorate their houses with birch leaves. In the morning of St George’s Day (also called Sânjorz), people wash their faces with dew. The main old custom on Saint George’s Day is the “wetting”: boys throw buckets of water on girls, as a ritual of fertility.


MayThe old agrarian tradition of calculating the shares of sheep milk for sheep owners, Budeşti

10 MayTânjaua of Mara old agrarian tradition celebrating the first man ploughing, Hoteni

31 MayWhitsun traditions: On the day when the descent of the Holy Spirit upon Christ’s disciples is celebrated, the villagers of Maramureş decorate their houses with green branches of lime and maple trees, a symbol of wealth and crop abundance.

31 May„Nu vă uitaţi că-s micuţ” (Even Though I Am Just a Child) Festival, Budeşti: Children folk groups from all over Maramureş are invited to perform on a stage in the beautiful village of Budești, on the Cosău Valley.


1 June„Învârtita Vălenarilor” dance festival, Văleni: The day after Whitsun is celebrated in the village of Văleni, on the Cosău Valley, known for its old traditional houses.

24 JuneThe folk traditions of Sânziene: Young girls pick up yellow flowers and put them in a wreath above their windows, gates and doorways. The custom says that the “Sânziene” (mid-summer fairies who live on the fields) get angry if they are not being celebrated.

24 JuneSânziene night rituals, Borşa: Young men riding horses and carrying torches and young women dressed traditionally and wearing flowers take part in a parade that leads to a lake where several fascinating rituals take place.

29 JuneSt. Peter and Paul is a Christian holiday celebrated all over Maramureș. The inhabitants of Breb offer an impressive procession that starts at the new church, after the service and continues through the village.

30 JuneBârsana Monastery celebration: Villagers from all over Mara and Iza Valleys and from other places make a pilgrimage to Bârsana Monastery in order to be present at the religious service. The service is held on the 12 Apostles Gathering Holy Day.


20 JulyThe celebration of Dragomireşti Monastery on the day of St. Ilie

20-27 JulyHay celebrations: It is known that St. Ilie flies across the sky in a fire carriage and punishes the ones that don’t respect its day; so the Maramureș people abandon their field work for a week and take the time to rest.


15 AugustThe Assumption of Virgin Mary: Pilgrims dressed in white, singing hymns dedicated to the Virgin Mary, walk together towards the monasteries in the area. Two of the places of pilgrimage are Moisei Monastery and Rohia Monastery, which has its celebration on this day.

16 AugustThe Hora of Prislop, Borșa: A traditional festival of Romanian music and dances. You are welcome to enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery, folk performances from Maramureş, Suceava and Bistrita-Năsăud, local artisans and a huge feast on the border between Maramureş and Bucovina.


8 SeptemberThe Birth of the Virgin Mary and the celebration of Ieud UNESCO wooden church, Hărniceşti and Călineşti Josani churches

8 September – ”The Day of Călineşti”, Văleni: The Birth of the Virgin Mary coincides with the celebration of Călinești.

26-28 September”Chestnut Celebrations”, Baia Mare: For three days, Baia Mare dresses up for festivities. Wine and must, numerous parties, art and sports, all in a generous programme that entertains local people and their guests.


14 OctoberSaint Parascheva – The celebration of Poienile Izei and Deseşti UNESCO churches


1-2 NovemberThe Luminații (the ”illumination”): Every year, in the first days of November, the locals recreate their connection with the deceased, lighting up candles in the cemeteries so that the loved ones have light again. They bring flowers, clean the resting places and offer food to the poor. It is said that on this night the souls of the deceased return among their family and friends.

8 NovemberThe Holy Archangels of Mihail and Gavril: According to tradition, Mihail and Gavril Archangels are the guardians of people and accompany the souls of the dead to the Last Judgment. The old wooden churches of Şurdeşti, Rogoz, Plopiş, Rozavlea and Strâmtura have their annual celebration on this day.

21 NovemberThe Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary: Celebration of the Bârsana UNESCO wooden church

30 NovemberSt. Andrew: In Maramureş, the most common customs on St. Andrew revolve around finding the one; also, to make predictions regarding the weather and the harvest, the elderly place in their attics 12 onions corresponding to the 12 months of the year and they will analyse them at Christmas.


1 DecemberThe National Day of Romania: Various activities dedicated to the national day

6 DecemberSt. Nicholas: It is said that on major holy days, St. Nicholas can be seen alongside God; built in 1643, the Budești wooden church has its celebration on this day. Also dedicated to St. Nicholas are the Bogdan-Vodă, Glod, Fereşti, Corneşti and Viseu de Sus churches.

20 DecemberChristmas in Maramureş, Village Museum, Baia Mare: Carols, local produce and traditional cooked dishes. Info: MaramureşInfoTurism tourist office, Tel: 0262.206.113, www.craciuninmaramures.ro.

24-26 DecemberChristmas customs: Christmas still comes in Maramureș with a whole host of old customs. On Christmas Eve for example, carols are welcomed in the villagers’ adorned houses to announce the Birth of Christ.

24 DecemberViflaimurilor Night, Vișeu de Sus: At midnight, hundreds of characters from the ancient theatre play gather in the town centre for the Viflaimurilor parade. Info: Cultural-Social Centre of Vișeu de Sus, Tel: 0362.401.130.

25-27 DecemberChristmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations, Cavnic: Parades and shows of local traditions. Youngsters in fancy clothes march the streets with bells and other instruments to chase away evil spirits.

24-27 DecemberFolk play „Viflaimul”, Botiza

25 DecemberFolk play „Viflaimul”, Vişeu de Sus

25 DecemberFolk play „Viflaimul”, Ieud

26 – 28 DecemberDashing through the snow on Mocănița, Vişeu de Sus: You can see Vaserului Valley covered in snow from the heated wagons of the Mocănița old steam train. Coffee, cookies and mulled wine. Info: CFF Vişeu de Sus, Tel: +4 0262.353.381, www.cffviseu.com.

27-28 DecemberWinter customs festival „Marmaţia 2014”, Sighetu-Marmaţiei: Every year, the city of Sighet recreates the celebratory atmosphere with carol singers, viflaims, people in fancy dress and masks, symbolic animals and all the traditional paraphernalia. Info: Primăria Sighetu Marmaţiei, Tel: 0262.311.001.

31 December New Year’s Eve: On this special night, the villages resound with singing and blessings, as the Maramureș houses (gospodării) turn into centres of folk magic.

* These dates can suffer alterations. We recommend that you contact the organisers of the events or MaramureșInfoTurism county tourism office before attending, to check whether the info provided above is still valid.

* This calendar has been put together with support from the county town halls and relevant organisations.

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Cu pasca la sfințit în Breb. Copyright foto The Village Hotel
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