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  • Strada Gheorghe Şincai nr. 46, la parterul Palatului Administrativ, camera 20, Baia Mare.
  • tel. +40 262.206.113 | fax +40 262.206.114
  • office@visitmaramures.ro

Destination logo

High-standard tourism with a positive impact on nature and the community. This is our ambition for Mara-Cosău-Creasta Cocoșului.


Because Mara–Cosău–Creasta Cocoșului, as the entire historical Maramureș, is an area rich in values – both nature and culture related, which give us a unique character and strong authenticity in relation to other countries; observing and understanding their place and role in the Maramureș life, these values enrich our minds and souls and give us joy. However they are facing major risks; in order to stop them from degrading or disappearing and to continue enjoying them, there is a need for funds to be invested in preserving and promoting them.

The destination logo helps not only to identify the area and for spatial orientation, but also but also to highlight the tourism operators who make donations to the Conservation and Sustainable Development Fund in order to help preserve natural protected areas and improve the tourism infrastructure. By choosing services from these operators, you are showing them that conserving the natural and cultural beauties is something important for you; in other words, the investments they make are justified. This way, the Fund will keep being “fed” and you will have the satisfaction of having given something back to nature and to the community that hosted you.

by flavius frantz | eeessential.tools