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Cycle Tourism

”The beauty of being on two wheels is being able to move at your own pace, to peer over hedgerows, to hear, smell and savour. And frankly, there’s nowhere better to do that than here.” (Andrew Eames, travel writer, UK)

The place Andrew Eames is talking about is in Maramureș, Romania. More specifically, in the land of southwestern Historical Maramureș, certified as an ecotourism destination: the Mara-Cosău-Creasta Cocoșului (Rooster’s Crest). A cluster of tessellated landscapes, meadows with flowers and scents, volcanic mountains, villages with old churches and even older customs are here for those who want to roam this land by bicycle, freer than the free Dacians. And for the infrastructure to be on the side of the cyclists itself, over 150 km of trails which are good for riding a bicycle have been marked in the area, a few guesthouses have become friends with cycle tourism, and a host of informative materials about all these has been created.

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