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Useful Info

Here is some good advice to follow if you want to move on two wheels across these places:

•     Grazing sheep is part of the traditions of Maramureș. Sheepfolds are part of the bucolic landscape. But the shepherd dogs are also part of the sheepfolds. And we know that they can be very aggressive. If you are attacked by dogs, we recommend that you stop cycling and use your bicycle as a shield. Do not panic, communicate with them, and wait for them to learn that you are no threat.

•     The bicycle trails are marked, but we still recommend you have a map and your mobile phone on you (single emergency number: 112, Rescue: +40 725 826 668).

•     Plan your trip taking the weather forecast into account! Some trails can become very muddy at times of rain.

•     Make sure you have enough supplies of food and water! Outside the villages, drinking water sources are rare. Do not forget the carbohydrates, they are an important source of energy!

•     Make sure you have the right equipment! Mountain bikes are essential for most trails. So are helmets.

•     Know your limits! Choose trails suitable for your physical training and cycling experience!

•     Give the right of way to those traveling on foot! That way you will avoid accidents and help maintain a positive attitude towards cyclists.

And, last but not least,

•     Protect nature: do not throw litter on the ground, respect the vegetation, silence, and other tourists!



Mara-Cosău-Creasta Cocoșului Eco-destination Map

Mara-Cosău-Creasta Cocoșului. Your Eco-destination Guide

Eco-destination by Bicycle

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