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Bike Trails


Without them being designed specifically for pedalling, our trails are cycling variants of certain roads which had, or still have, another use: forest and cart roads, pastoral paths, the village streets, short segments of county and village roads, old railway embankments, offering guests “pathways to experience the region at the pace it deserves”. (National Geographic, “Best Trips 2015”).
To mark the trails, a red “C” on a white background has been used; it was painted on trees, slabs, and poles or printed on arrows signs. Some trails can be covered as circuit trails, some as return (going back to the starting point is done by the same road), while others are recommended as one-way trails.

Difficulty Levels
From a very first look at the map of the Mara-Cosău-Creasta Cocoșului eco-destination, you can see that the terrain of these places is predominantly mountainous, so you should expect many of the trails to include tougher ascents and descents, for which the mountain bike is a must.


The difficulty levels of the marked trails are:
- light (L) – for any cyclist, these trails contain a few gentle ascents and no obstacles;
- medium (M) – for most cyclists, these trails are relatively flat, including several tougher climbs and possible obstacles which can be avoided;
- difficult (D) – for the trained cyclists, these trails include sustained ascents, technical descents, rough segments, and unexpected obstacles.

Top Trails


Numerous are the bike trails which line the land and different the ways they can be travelled. Below here are some of the itineraries which will make you long to wander on two wheels.


1.bike tra

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