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  • Strada Gheorghe Şincai nr. 46, la parterul Palatului Administrativ, camera 20, Baia Mare.
  • tel. +40 262.206.113 | fax +40 262.206.114
  • office@visitmaramures.ro

Cycling-friendly Accommodation

In the villages at the foot of the Crest there are dozens of guesthouses which can provide a restful bed and a plentiful meal. Some of these are more alluring for bicycle tourists, offering extra services which come in handy for the passengers on two wheels: a safe place to store their bikes, washing facilities, safety equipment, repair tools, and, last but not least, information on the trails. Moreover, all of these guesthouses offer bicycles for rent.
For availability and pricing, please contact the guesthouses in the list below:


1.bike tra

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